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FAQs - Password Tracker Deluxe
Most technical support requests can be answered immediately by checking the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please check the list of questions and answers below before submitting a support request. If you question is not answered below, and you registered within the past year, click here to submit your support request.
  1. What is "Shareware" and why are you distributing Password Tracker Deluxe this way?
    Shareware is software that you can try out before you buy. Shareware is copyrighted, but you can download it freely, try it out, and even distribute it around to people you know. However, after using the software for a trial period (30 days for Password Tracker Deluxe), you must register and pay for it, or delete it from your computer. Shareware is not really a type of software, it is better described as a method of distribution. By allowing you to try a program to see if it is suitable to your needs, shareware offers some distinct advantages over commercially available, shrink-wrapped software sold through other channels. Since you get to try the program at virtually no cost, you can assure yourself that the software is suitable for you before paying for it. You can't do that with other types of software. Shareware authors are in business, just like the commercial software companies. Unlike those companies, however, shareware authors are willing to let you try their programs before paying for them. It's a great deal for the user and makes possible the creation of many programs which would not otherwise exist.

  2. I just bought a new computer. How can I transfer my existing installation of Password Tracker Deluxe to the new machine?
    Transferring PTD to a new computer is a two-step process. First, you must download the latest release of PTD from our website and install it on your new computer. The download from our website is actually the 30-day evaluation version so you'll need to re-enter your Registration Name and Number to convert your newly installed PTD into the registered version. The confirmation email you received when you purchased PTD will contain your Registration Name and Number. The second step is to simply copy your PTD data file(s) (called Tracking Lists) to the installed PTD directory on your new computer. By default, the file(s) are created and stored in the C:\Program Files\Password Tracker Deluxe directory. They have a .pwt file extension. Once the files are copied, open PTD on your new computer and then go to the "File" Menu and select "Open". Choose the Tracking List you would like to open and that's it!

  3. When exactly will you be adding (insert your favorite wish-list feature here) to a future release of Password Tracker Deluxe?
    We have a long list of features we would like to add to the current version of Password Tracker Deluxe. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write us and share your ideas.

    We still plan to implement many of the great features on our "to-do" list. Unfortunately, the fact that we are a part-time operation puts limits on the amount of resources we can dedicate to new releases. Coupled with the fact that we have families with young children and get many support emails to answer daily, you can see why there isn't much time that we can dedicate to adding new features.

    We also try to prioritize and focus our available time on bug fixes before adding new features. Due to the enormous combination of existing computer hardware and software configurations, software bugs can be surprisingly difficult to isolate and fix. Fortunately we have had very few reports of bugs in Password Tracker Deluxe and have been able to issue fixes for them relatively quickly.

  4. I just paid for a license. When will I receive my registration information?
    You can usually expect to receive a confirmation email with your registration information from us within two business days. Sometimes the process is much faster, however it could take longer depending on when we receive confirmation of your order. If you purchased via postal mail, you should receive an email from us within about two weeks.

  5. I want to be sure my passwords are safe. Can you tell me about the encryption the Password Tracker Deluxe uses?
    The PTD Windows Encryption option uses 128-bit RSA. Here are some of the details of the PTD implementation of the Windows Crypto API:

         RSA Public-Key Cipher is used.
         MD5 is used to generate a 128-bit hash value from the password.
         RC4 Stream Cipher is used to encrypt/decrypt the data.
         The data is signed using MD5 to verify the contents when reading the file.
         The signature is exported as a public key blob.

    A few additional notes:

    The backup command does not use the Windows encryption because not all versions of Windows include the Crypto API. We wanted to make sure you could always open a backup Tracking List on another computer. Store all Tracking List backup disks in a safe place.

    When we initially implemented the Windows encryption, we had a few problems with the users public key stored on the computer being changed when other programs got installed. The user didn't lose any passwords; they would just have to go to another computer to open their file. This problem has since been corrected.

    We chose the Windows Crypto API for additional security because most encryption algorithms are not exportable outside the US or there is a licensing fee to use them. We wanted to keep the cost of PTD low and make the program available to everyone in the world.

  6. Is there a way to merge two Tracking list files?
    Presently, there is no way to merge two Tracking list files. We have added this, as well as a Tracking list import/export feature, to our list for a future release of Password Tracker Deluxe.

  7. I lost/can't remember the password that I used to password-protect my Tracking list file. Is there some way you can help me recover it?
    Unfortunately no. We have no way of recovering your Tracking list password (even if you send us your data file) as it is encrypted on your computer.

  8. I had to re-install Password Tracker due to a computer problem. I downloaded the latest release from your website. Now when I open my Tracking list I can only see 10 entries when I know I have many more. What is the problem?
    In order for you to have full access to your Tracking list file, your installed version of Password Tracker Deluxe must be registered. What you installed from our website was the latest release of the 30-day trial version of Password Tracker Deluxe. Now you must go to the Password Tracker Deluxe Help menu and choose "Registration Number" and enter the registration number we sent you when you originally purchased the software.

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