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Download - Password Tracker Deluxe

Thank you for your interest in Password Tracker Deluxe (PTD). You have our permission to evaluate the program for 30 days after which you must either pay the registration fee, or un-install (remove) the software from your computer*. 

Current release of Password Tracker Deluxe: Version 3.64

Please choose one of the two PTD download options:

ptrack.exe 547 kb Self-extracting program. No additional program is required to install PTD. 451 kb Requires an unzipping program like "WinZip" to extract the files to install.

* If you continue to use your 30-day trial version of Password Tracker Deluxe beyond the 30-day authorization period, you will be in violation of the agreement you made when you installed the software. Please do the right thing and pay the registration fee. It will enable us to further the development of Password Tracker Deluxe (and feed our families).

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