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Password Tracker Deluxe - Product Info
Click here to view Password Tracker Deluxe screenshots...Buy now!How many passwords do you have to remember? It seems like everywhere you go on the internet you have to register and create a new username and password! Do you have them written down on little pieces of paper? Are they on little sticky notes attached to your computer monitor? How do you keep track of them all and are they secure? There has to be a better way...

Password Tracker Deluxe stores passwords and usernames neatly and securely (encrypted) on your computer so you don't have to remember them! When needed, your passwords are easily accessible in the Windows desktop system tray. If you want, Password Tracker Deluxe will automatically insert your usernames, passwords, or any other text information for you when it's needed. It can remind you to change your passwords, and even assist you in creating newer, random and more secure passwords. You can even use Password Tracker Deluxe to quickly launch your favorite programs! 

Password Tracker Deluxe was designed for the Windows environment and requires the following minimum system configuration:
  • Windows XP, Vista or Seven
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
Product Awards
5 Stars at ZDNet!Password Tracker Deluxe has won some of the most coveted and prestigious shareware awards on the internet! 

From the ZDNet "Editor's Choice 5-Star" award, to the Microsoft and Windows User's Group "Internet Best Choice Shareware Pick of the Week" award, Password Tracker Deluxe continues to be one of the most sought after password management software utilities available.

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